Installation Videos

Exposed Fastener Panel

1. Why Metal?

2. Squaring the Panel

3. Eave Trim (Drip Edge)

4. First Panel

5. Screw Location Recommendations

6. Fastener Location

7. Panel Endlap

8. Dormer – Sidewall – Endwall

9. Dormer – W Valley

10. Chimney Kit – Generic (Yours May Vary)

11. Gable Trim (Rake Edge)

12. Ridge Cap

13. Flashers & Dek-Tites

14. Join Two Valleys at the Ridge

Although Snake River Metal has provided links to the following installation videos in order to educate you, the installer, in how to properly install your metal roof. We need for you to understand that each roof is different and it is your responsibility to research and understand your local building codes and installations requirements for your area. Please contact or hire a professional installer for your project.

Butyl Sealant, Lap Tape, Silicone Sealant and Formed Foam Closures are highly recommended, but are not included into each bid or order, unless specified by the ordering installer.