Carports & Covers

Engineering Available

Sonoran Style

Often imitated but never duplicated, Absolute Steel’s Sonoran carports are the ones that started it all. This is such a popular structure, we call it the “standard” carport.

These versatile steel structures come in a wide range of sizes: widths from 10’ to 40’ wide and heights from 7.5’ to 15.5’. Standard main frames are 2” x 3” – 14 gauge galvanized steel for rugged durability.

Sonoran carports feature a horizontal application of the panels with rounded eaves so sides can extend down to the ground in an unbroken pattern if that’s what you want.

As is the case with all our structures, Sonoran metal carports come in a 5’ On Center frame system or a 4’ On Center frame system that can withstand heavy snow load areas. This is an easy structure to assemble.

Mohave Style

The Mohave carport’s main distinction from the Sonoran style is the vertical panel application which makes it the most compatible for shedding snow. When customers are in an area that exceeds a 45 psf snow load, we recommend the Mohave style carport.

A gable end panel is available for this model, as are additional side panels for one or both sides for better protection. This image shows one optional side panel on each side.

This metal carport must have the various trims such as ridge cap, gable and eave trim which adds to the installation and the cost but its looks blend well in residential settings.

San Tan Style

Limited to only a few sizes, the San Tan carport most resembles the Sierra’s profile but it’s priced competitively because it doesn’t have the various trim applications. A nice feature about the San Tan is the eave overhang which varies from 4” to 6” depending upon the width of the carport. This is an easy system to install, most sizes taking a simple tools and a couple of people a few hours.

Teton Style

The Teton carport is the only metal carport that utilizes our Grand Beam panels which are made to look like shiplap siding. Unless you’re up close, it looks like wood.

The 12” soffit overhang gives a nice appearance, blending nicely into a residential environment. The Teton carport has the most trim accessories of all our carports and can be ordered with gable ends.

The Single Slope Carport

The single slope steel carport is a versatile structure that’s been sold for many different uses: ramp covers/canopies, apartment complexes, equipment covers and even livestock shades and hay storage. Absolute Steel’s single slope carport can be used for one or two cars or can be designed for several hundred cars. It’s a simple structure to assemble and will give you years of service.

SofTop® Shade Canopies

It’s no secret that the Gambrel style metal building will give you plenty of storage space—that’s precisely why European farmers developed and favored it. They used that high, wide upper area as a hay loft or for other sorts of storage. It’s still popular for storage today, but some people have used that “upstairs” area for a loft or workspace, too.

Because of the many possible framing variations needed for best strength in different sizes of gambrel buildings, we haven’t included this style in our automatic online price quote system – but please give us a call, and any of our representatives will be happy to discuss particulars and pricing with you.

Commercial Carports

Commercial parking structures are structures used in commercial applications (Multi family, office and industrial) wherein the objective is to provide parking for 6 to 600 or more vehicles. Covered parking is the most important amenity (per survey) that you can provide your tenants. Usually, you can get 100% return in your investment within a few years from covered parking fees.