Poly Carbonate TufTex

Tuftex®Poly-Lite and Ridge-Lite Skylight and Sidelight Panels bring natural light into buildings. These panels retain optical clarity – they will not yellow like fiberglass. Made of tough polycarbonate, they are up to 20 times stronger than fiberglass.

Tuftex® Building Panels are perfect for warehouses, commercial greenhouses, restaurant patio enclosures and thousands of other applications.

Tuftex® Poly-Lite and Ridge-Lite Skylight and Sidelight Panels are:

›› 100% UV Protected
›› Hail and wind resistant
›› Have a 10 year Lifetime Limited Warranty
›› Have the best snow load capacity

Poly-Lite and Ridge-Lite withstand extreme temperatures (-40 F to 270 F) and they match the most popular metal roofing profiles.

Fiberglass Panels

Fiberglass – Light Transmitting Panels that can be used as Skylights in the roof or as Sidelight panel in the Walls.

PVC TufTex

Width = 38″ Overall / 36″ Coverage

Thickness = .032″

Lengths = 8′-2″, 10′-2″, 12′-2″,
16′-4″, 20′-4″, 24′-4″
(custom lengths available with bulk order)

Colors = White, Black

Note: Tuftex panels requires pre-drilling
1/8″ to 3/16″ larger than fastener being
used to allow for expansion & contraction.

Tuftex PVC AG Liner Panel